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Vin Plates Engraving & Stamping

We produce metal compliance plates in any size and in a variety of state of the art manufacturing processes to suit your individual requirements.

  • Standard Stainless Steel
  • Hard durable surface
  • Thickness options available
  • Fast Delivery

Before registering a trailer, the manufacturer is required to affix a vin plate to the trailer. The vehicle plate provides a clear indication to the State and Territory registering authority, also to public that the trailer is ready for road use. The vehicle plate also provides useful information about the specifications of the trailer. The vehicle plate must be durable, non-corrosive metal and must be affixed to the vehicle in a position where it may be readily examined. The vehicle plate must be permanently affixed by pop rivets, hammer drive screws or welding.
We engrave vin plate and stamp vin numbers on chassis.

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